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About Master

Kesharamithra Shri. V. S. P. Tenneti, the multi faceted personality, very popular and powerful spiritual counselor, is immensely involved in propogating the age old vedic and yogic secrets of Sun Workshop, the Mahashyamanthaka Vidya, which begins with Arkavidya. He had been an efficient teacher, friend, philosopher and guide for thousands of people. He attributes the whole credit to his ascended master, Sadguru Adhithya Poornaanda Swamiji popularly known as "Nandu Baba" and many great miraculous gurus who initiated him into thousands of mantras and mudras. He is a great devotee of Goddess Vaagdevi, Ayyappa and Surya Bhagwan. He is open, inspiring, dynamic, enthusiastic and people love to be in his warm company. Winner of several awards, laurels, appreciations and testimonials for his amazing performance in different fields. He is a Master of Arts (MA) and a Law Graduate (LLB). He is fluent in English, Hindi and Telugu and the students enjoy his workshops regularly conducted all over the country. Even his experienced dedicated students have been conducting workshops independently after attaining Gurumithra stage, the mastership level. He is keenly bent upon spreading our age old vedic spiritual and philosophic knowledge for the highest good. Experience aurazone and you will feel the healings happen.

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