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Soon after the grand initiation, there is a dynamic shift of attitude and I am cool, calm and peaceful. After seven years gap I have been inspired to pursue my education and now I am a post Graduate. Ashwamedhini Yoga and Pancha Ganapathi sadhanas were amazing.
Dhanraj Pathuri, Secunderabad

I am highly motivated by the workshops conducted by your team of Gurumithras and I ultimately joined Kesharamithra’s advanced level initiations. I have given up smoking and alcohol. Now I wake up each day with enthuiasm. My financial position is far better and there is love and harmony installed in our family.
Janardhan Bhatt, Mysore

I was on the edge of divorce when one of your senior students had inspired me about your workshops. I did Aujaskriya and few more courses with you. I started healing and I could see dramatic change in my husband and in-laws. Now we are all together by the grace of Nandubaba.
Mrs Sarada, Hyderabad

I have done many courses with many masters. I honestly tell you Mr. V. S. P. Tenneti conducts the workshops with so much of spiritual consciousness and broader outlook. My healing Quality and attitude of healing is now highly integrated. I can continuosly feel the connection to ascend masters and leniage. My health is great now. I bow down to Kesharamithra and seek his blessings.
Shankar Bharadwaj, Pune

I had been interacting with all your Guirumithras. Mrs. Suma Ashok, Mr. Arun K. Rao, Mr.Chetan, Mr. Chandrasekhar, Mr. Suresh kumar and many other mithras.

I always wanted to do Arkavidya but somehow I could not do it for four years. At last I could do it with Kesharamithra at Chennai. Since then my life is transformed. I can write a huge book of my wonderful miraculous experiences which might even appear superstitious. I have decided to write sincerly a grand book after I have been initiated into your TYGA-GRILA workshop. I will join the very first batch without fail.
G. Santha Kumar, Gulbarga

My complexion improved and my skin problems solved. My concentration level has developed a lot and I am continuously experiencing out of body vibes in my regular long meditations. After initiations I was sailing in a wonderland of sweet experiences and internal throbs. My whole family is now dedicated to your mission and we seek your blessings forever. Anger is gone. My wife expresses her gratitude to Nandubaba and Kesharamithra. The mantras, mudras and symbols revealed are doing great wonders at every stage in my daily life.

It is not just an another healing workshop! It is a great celebration to rejoice!


My father consulted you in 1985 and you had predicted that he would resign the job and enter in to business in 1991. Our family members know that my father is a timid person and can not dare to enter in to business. In 1991 he did not resign and he did not even get any opportunity for business. We laughed away at your prediction. The same year in 1991 September he had a promotion and transfer. We sold our land, flat and house in that year and shifted from Hyderabad to Bangalore. We had an elaborate discussion and realized that he made big profit in selling our own assets. In 1992 February he had a conflict at office and suddenly he resigned. Then he chose real estate as his business. We realized that your prediction has come true, but period was delayed by few months. He is now doing excellently well in business. He is now successful real estate business man, quite independent and content. I met you in 1999 and taken your Kumbha Ganapathi Sadhana ignition and also Arka Vidya. As you were initiating I could see many images and I felt lot of vibrations in the spinal cord. I did not reveal it to you because I thought it was all my illusion and imagination. To my surprise I received several statues and photos of Ganesh and Surya as gift s within six months. My wife thanks you as she finds me calm, my anger controlled and my respiratory disorder is set right. I am able to heal excellently with the mantras, mudras and symbol of Arkavidya. My friends and relatives appreciate me as a Guru. In 2003 I had accomplished Shyamanthaka Vidya at Hyderabad followed by Agnikeelana. You had suggested me to wear an energized emerald to my little finger and advised me to go abroad as prosperity is indicated out side India. Now our whole family is well settled in Singapore. We bow down to Nandubaba and Kesarmithra with utmost regards.
Prafulchandra, Singapore

I have gone through your AHAM YAJI MEDHA YOGI book and I was surprised to find so much of energy in the book itself. The Kodram inscriptions are so live and active that I felt warmth in my hands. Yoji photograph on the cover seems to be breathing life. The ascended master Nandubaba photo is so cute and AJISAYANA master is day by day looming larger than life. Heptavision healing is really mind storming. I feel the SHASVANDI tool given free of cost with the book is worth thousand times more than the cost. I have so much to say but I conclude wishing TYGAGRILA an astoundingly future. I am sure thousands will be benefited.
Kasthuri Prakash, Belgaum

I have learnt Reiki, Pranic Healing, Magnified Healing, Aninda cell Treatment, past Life, Sujok Magneto therapy, NLP and many other couses. After having been initiated into ARKA VIDYA I felt deep connection to several spiritual masters and my claravoyant vision broadened. My healing abilities seem to have strengthened and more potential. I have restricted my healings and I am now a days deeply involved in to meditations and experiencing peace and inner joy. Thank you master. I am able to see thousands of students practicing TYGAGRILA heptagon healings that would manifest. The AHAM YAJI MEDHAYOGI book itself is a great tool, an excellent sample and an honest expression of the mission.
Jayantha Vatsalya, Hindupur

My mother recovered immediately after I finished the KESHARI. At Rs.30/– it is such a fantastic remedy and Sadhana given to one and all. I am thankful to Kesharmithra for revealing TRIPURA KALYANI SADHANA in a very simple and easy to practice way.
Manipal Choudary, secunderabad

I had worked for eighteen years in different jobs and I was stuck with multiple problems and hurdles in life. I have taken ARKAVIDYA initiation because my friend insisted. I did not practice sincerely for the given time. After nine months I accidentally met one lady, a distant relative, Mrs. Saritha Kailashnath who was talking high about Mr. V. S. P. Tenneti, his power of initiation and how she transformed in to a calm home maker and practicing Arkavidya healings. She revealed few exciting experiences, how she could change her husbands attitude, how she won the court case, how her father’s health improved and so on. I started doing Arka Vidya Sadhana all over again. Belive me whitin a week time, I could see Nandubaba appearing in dreams. I could see also Kesharamithra continuously blessing me. I applied the basic symbol of Arka Vidya regularly to heal myself. I had a change of job where my boss has given me utmost freedom. My loans cleared within a year. My habits changed. I am more disciplined and principaled in life. The biggest miracle is that my son who gets below average marks in education had got first rank. We are indebted to Nandubaba and Kesharmithra parampara.
Uma Prasanna, Vishakapatnam

I had done all your courses and out of personal interest I have attended all your courses for revision many times, because I enjoy each and every word of your elegant explanations in the workshops. I enjoy the great chantings of mantras. I love to hear your voice. I throb at the very thought of your holy initiations. My head at your lotus feet.
Mrs. Sandhya, Sholapur

I and my whole family were exploited and cheated by many. We met several astrologers, Gurus, Healers and Tantrics. Every one ascertained that we are victims to treacherous black magic. We spent lakhs of rupees towards fees, remedies pujas and Talismans. Our position worsened day by day. One day some one gave me an ARKVIDYA workshop brochure and the photo of Sooryanarayana, Nandubaba and Mr. V. S. P. Tenneti attracted me. I visited the website www.arkavidya.com and I called up one Gurumithra or organizer. They explained me about the benefits many got by doing the courses. Later I consulted Mr. V. S. P. TENNETI IN PERSON. The words he uttered are recorded in my mind. Ninety persent of black magic cases are psychiatric hallucinations. Do not brood over the problem. Join any of our Gurumithras and take Arkavidya initiation as early as possible. We believe in the saying, ‘Do not give a fish to him. Teach him Fishing’. If you can patiently pursue, you can yourself heal the problems. I am sure you will be relieved.
I was surprised. Can a patient become a doctor? Yes, I felt. Within two years period I had done almost all the courses and taken every initiation. My entire family was inspired by the great change and transformation in me and my son, daughter and son-in–law too joined the workshops. The ‘Lohakona miracle tools are real miracles’. The ‘Vipulas’ and the ‘Kholkas’ have done wonders. My daughter is blessed with a child which was a seven years old dream. My son had resigned the irritating job and is doing sufficiently well in his own business. I have healed my wife continuously and now she is quite comfortable. Black magic is no more our subject. I have read the AHAM YAJI MEDHA YOGI book and I feel the TYGAGRILA workshop is a boon to mankind. I have registered for the workshop and I am eagerly waiting for the exciting initiation. Iam sure anybody who joins Kesharamithra auric field and the Theasophia Shyamanthaka Mission, with an open mind and a positive attitude will be immensely satisfied and definitely benefited
Padala Ramachander Rao, Kothapet

FANTASTIC KNOWLEDGEThis is very mysterious world we are living in. Mankind in facing so many huyrdles and problems. I belive that only hard work id the way to happiness. I do not believe in Astrology, pujas, remedies and holistioc healings. But, one thing I am certain, my friends and relatives who joined Arkavidya and other workshops with Mr. V. S. P. Tenneti talk about his frankness, energy, inititation powers and knowledge. They have all praises for him. My friend Dinkar Prasad has become very disciplined and systematic in life after the initiation. I was tempted to join. I was attracted to the pattern. I did all the courses within one year. I have registered for TYAGA GRILA. I can assure one and all that the informations and knowledge Mr. Tenneti imparts is fantastic. Peace of mind, general good health and a great positive mental attitude definitely develops. I feel it is a personality development class with spiritual flavour in it. Patience, love, tolerance, forgiveness and modest behaviour will automatically develop. I do not bewlive in supernatural or extrasensory powers, but I belive in Kesharamithra Shri V.S.P.Tenneti, I feel he is Sooryanarayana and he is Nandubaba. I appreciate him a lot.
Venugopal Sharma, Hyderabad

I can not put in words what great changes just happened in my life, after the wonderful initiation. I had taken from Kesharamithra Shree V.S.P.Tenneti. The emotional and exciting explanations and examples he gives all through the class must also be having some mantra and tantra power. The negative patterns automatically fade away. The ideology changes. Wer feel the calmness. We are more confident and positive. I feel every college student and every corporate personal should attend Mr. Tenneti’s workshops, even if they do not accept spiritual stuff. I strongly feel Mr.Tenneti is an extra ordinary counselor, healer, motivator and above all a great personality development trainer. My mother , my father, my sister, my brother-in-law, my wife, my two children and all my four business partners are great fans of Mr. Tenneti. His strategy, system, communication style and vast knowledge will captivate one and all. There is no comparison to him and his UNIQUE WORKSHOPS. From my side twelve people have registered for the TYGA GRILA workshop. We have all read the AHAM YAJI MEDHA YOGI book several times. Whether one joins the workshop or not, the miraculous energy vibrations could certainly be experienced if one simply cares to read the book with an open mind.
D.V.R.Rajasekhar, Hyderabad

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