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CHATURVEDA SWAYAM SHAKTI DHARANAJANGAMA Mukhopa Choodaamani Tantra reveals the value and virtue of incorporating vedic forms in to once regular life, thus accepting the four Vedas as the guiding forces. Once you are attuned in to CHATURVEDA SWAYAM SHAKTI DHARANA you are the perfected vedic channel. All four vedic forms with the concerned mantras and mudras are initiated to gain spiritual guidance in the future.

  • Saaya dimension is the perception achived only through the attered state of consciousness, where the volumous texts and scriptures are revealed , such as the mystic book VAFAISHJAKODRA of the ascended dimensions opens up and the aspirant is gifted with the HEPTAGON HEALING CAPSULES, SAAHA is the personified name given to the ‘AJI€ or the second orbit master of the SAANA DIMENSION.
  • The very first and foremost secret sacred KODRAN inscription is ASHAKIRA VIRAANCHIKO which soothens the heart and pampers the mind. This is the very first key. Many other such keys are revealed as initiated during the entire process of TYGA–GRILA, and the blurred image of the ascended master AJI SAAHANA is quickly connected. Here onwards the student has a great access to the master and the experiences are beyond explanations. They are totally very personal and confidential. If the system is not safe gaurdede through the ‘divinition’ process, the doors to further levels are automatically disconnected. It is again tantra. It is a secret.
  • GNOSIS – the positive ‘divinition’ methodology of initiation.
  • A very systematic technique is adopted by the one and the only living TYGA–GRILA master, the originator, Kesharmithra V. S. P. Tenneti, to influence. The entire thought process, free the student from the hypnosis of wrong notions, precencicved opinions, traditional and cultural conclusions, evil past memories, depressions, complexes, failure mechanism, quixotic dreams, hallucinations and confusions, black magic spells, preprogrammed curses and fatal blows. YAJI HEALINGS AND INITIATIONS are beyond words to explain as the entire process is a street and protected.

The conscious level has to shift. This cannot be manifested easily by a simple ‘yes’ or a ‘head nod’. The ‘VILLY GAIVIEW’ state or the ‘ZERO LEVEL’ of consciousness has to be attained. This is only possible when one accepts to adopt. The methodology and axis the ascended dimensions sincerely. The highly effective CALI HEALINGS are attained and the tranquil state is experienced thus.

Vast knowledge and high intellect many a time prove to be a waste. Highly talented and intelligently efficient people find themselves in a state of confusion, unable to achieve success. Many undeserving people, pass past them, take the lead, dominate and surpass in achievement. Material prosperity is lacking. Success never seems to woo them. This is all due to lack of right judgement and decision making.

Invoking SHASUYA, the daughter of the Sun God AIRO, as manifested by the ancient Kodrans in the time of distracts and calamity, rectifies the thought pattern and motivates them towards a totally new dimension of understanding. Success begins easily.

DALOR YOJAAS (the seven beauties, enchanting forms of anglic excellence invoked)
ALONA, ABIBA, RAHAS, ASHI, RASIN, OHMAY and TYSJA – the extremely wonderful loving beautiful Godly powers of mystic energies, the seven deities of the KODRAN TRADITION, also known as wishfulling seven ‘DOLAR YOJAAS’ invoked through ‘SHOOH TORA SAAKI’ the ‘POWER DOOR BELL’ and the spinning of the ‘AIXO’ COINS.

Vibrating the different combinations of mini chakras and multimini chakras, thus activating the MEDHA CHAKRA through AGNIVIDYA and LOHAAKHYA PARINARA. The intellect is magnified and broadened. It helps making spontaneous wise decxisions in every walk of life. Which sets in to order the failure mechanism. People suffering from laziness, depression, frustration and procrastination can be immensely benefited as the conscious awakening happens gradually.

YAJI, the indisputable CHAKRAVYOOHA energy source invoked through ANANTHAKONA
The ultimate power symbol ANANTHAKONA with the secret beejakshara chantings is incorporated and the self attunements are manifested softly. It is a very elaborate volume of several chapters revealed step by step through various independent levels.

ANANTHAKONA applications and YAJI SATHKAR symbol (Mudra Chihna)
‘yai satkar’ which is the divine mudra chihna (a secret symbol) takes the aspirant in to deeper Sadhana levels and ‘DEEKSHA SIDDHI’ which can help access the ultimate SOORYA TEJO MANDALA.

The vast episode that reveals the holy location of KREEDAARANYA, where the CHATURVIMSHATI YAJI SWAROOPAS (THE TWENTY FOUR FORMS OF YAJI) connecting the upasak to Sooryanarayana himself, with astounding mantras, simple rituals, mudras and charms to invoke them.The exclusive ‘BAAHYA MANDALA’ invocation to empower one into the ‘YAJI’ mode through visualization and deep meditations. Skin glow, healthy flow of blood, inner purification and pacification.

The disciplinary code to virtuous healing in a simple applicable form as explained to Sarangapani by our Ascended Master Nandubaba, in order to escape from the Karmic debts of egocentric healings. ABHYASA, PRAANAYAMA, EKADASA BHANGINA, the postures, NIVARANA PRACHANDA mantras, SAPTAKONA DRISHTI (Heptagon vision) and the ultimate CHIKITSA (Healings) Experiencing energy in the eyes and the auric fields to vanquish all unforeseen negativity.

The mighty four super power Kodra symbols converted in to majestic tools to attain control over tough, stubborn and arrogant entities, situations and people. The tantric technique of ‘DISHVARATANA SHAASANA’ the commands strengthan the sadhak, empower and energise his innerself and heighten the endurance. Healing the needy, suffering and the becomes easy. Weak identities and personalities lagging behind due to fear, timidity, hesitation, inferiority complex, lack of energy, poverty and encouragement can be brought back to activeness. No wonder if miraculous success is accomplished.

‘PRASTHA’ bowl and ‘hasthi’ weapon
This is a great acquirement of a TYGA–GRILA student. ‘PRASTHA’ is the mystic bowl with AGNI JAGRUTHI symbol and mudras to radiate the entire place, office, house or consciousness fields with AGNISHAKTHI, power energies of FIRE, applying the most powerful and ancient Vedic AGNIVARSHA SOOTHRAS. Evil spells, black magic entities, envy, drishti dosha, jealousy, hurdles, blockages and chroniv problems can be burnt away thgrough the ‘YAJI’ powers. Many more secret prayogas, multiple applications and healing techniques gradually revealed. ‘HASTHI’ power weapon, which appears like a hammer is used as a wonder tool to terrify the enemies and drive away several problems and complication.

The simple yet powerful healing mode to restore peace, love, harmony, universal brotherhood, right understanding, interpersonal relationships by strengthening the ‘OJAS’ chords and empowering Mother earth and entire universe for the future pre cosmic shift.

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