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1. What is TYGA–GRILA?
The word TYGA–GRILA is a SAAYAN ancient technique or methodology of manifestation or healing which exactly means ‘‘COME BACK TO LIFE’. An altered state of perception connects us to dimensions beyond normal states. SAAYA dimension is a highly reformed state of heptavision where a mellifluous esoteric attunment happens and the aspirant is auto activated. SAAYNA is the personified name of ‘AJI’ or ‘the sa–cred orbit master’ of the SAAYA dimension. Extra sensory activation, known as clairaudience transcends from non physical divine ascended sources. Hence TYGA–GRILA is the voluminous methodology figured out through transcendental meditative gran–diose to help healing happen.

2. Can everyone join the TYGA–GRILA workshops? What are the eligibility factors?
Everybody and anybody, who has faith in esoteric super extra sensory energies can join TYGA–GRILA. Faith is the master key and consumer client orientation simply fails. Hence aspirants who are prepared to accept alternative holistic patterns with an open mind are perfectly eligible. In fact, doubtful and prejudiced people should better keep themselves away from such aspects.

3. Is TYGA–GRILA like Reiki or Pranayama healing systems?
Any healing is ultimately based upon life energy, Prana or Reiki. In fact, Reiki is a common noun known as universal energy. TYGA–GRILA is capsuled into workshop patterns at several levels with additional methodologies to support healing. Mantra, Tantra, Vedic, Yogic and Esoteric Mystic Formulations are also revealed.

CHAKRAVYOOHA is the coined classification to the several chapters and the voluminous subject based on the major energy centers, the seven chakras of the human body and the many inter related multi mini chakras. AGNIVIDYA is the great ancient UPASANA procedure connected through vedic scriptures and yogic practices. Getting connected and aligned with cosmic energies and altered state of consciousness is perfectly possible through Vedic upadeshas and yogic shaktipat, contemplation and self realisation. YAJI is the form of the formless that guides the aspirant as a supreme force with TRINITY manifestations and invocations. HEPTAGON healing is the seven fold path adopted to withdraw YAJI powers and apply them in holistic way of healing.

5. Can you reveal home-heading5 about TYGA–GRILA?
No, such esoteric subjects and tantric healing methodologies are never complete or full. Many connections, keys and sources are strategically unrevealed, kept as a divine secret, in order to protect itself and the holy mission. Sometimes beginners are even slightly misguided and diverted, until total faith and complete surrender state is achieved.There are several locks and master locks, codes and super codes with unrevealed keys and passwords, so that unauthorized hands fail to touch the actual source.

6. What are the benefits assured for a TYGA–GRILA student?
Several experiments have proved wonderfully well. Many subjects have responded with a positive note. The healing system is holistic and remarkable. The whole system adopted in TYGA–GRILA is an artistic combination of vedic knowledge, tantric methodologies and esoteric ancient systems. Though there are several applications and procedures to achieve even the impossible, we sincerely express our inability to promise or assure equal results and similar experiences to all. TYGA–GRILA is not against any system or method. It does not restrict anyone to discontinue medical treatment, it is not a consumer transaction, hence no claims as such are entertained. It is a pure conscious awakening methodology intended for higher transformations. The vedic part of the course guides a student to build up truthfulness, righteousness, integrity, honesty and self discipline. The tantric part of the course helps the student to strengthen, balance and expand the inner consciousness and auric fields. The spiritual understandings based on ancient scriptures contribute to connect a student to cosmic consciousness, love for all religions, castes, communities and systems. Accepting the supreme power the student equips himself with mystic energies that work with the laws of karma for manifestation of effective healing. The esoteric talismans, amulets, charms, chanting, rituals, mantras and tantras provide space to accept everything and rise above the occasions. Peace, joy, tranquility, forgiveness, unconditional love, meditative excellence and positive mental attitudes are gradually experienced. Of course, depending upon individual practice, intensity, dedication and understanding. The prospective students of TYGA–GRILA are given to clearly understand that all cosmic understandings, subjects, alternative therapies, inner vibrations, miracles, esoteric experiences fail to open up and work, if operated with fear, doubt, confusion, anxiety, prejudice and expectations. Total surrender and utmost faith to the system, Gurutatwa the lineage, the discipline and the subject alone will prove to be completely beneficial to himself and others. All chapters, methods, applications, prayogas and operations are strategically locked under esoteric encoding systems and cannot be opened without the sincere submission and surrender and permission of the originator, Kesharamithra.

7. How should we join to learn the course? How and when could we register for TYGA–GRILA?
The whole TYGA–GRILA workshops are classified into several levels, though each level is independent and complete by itself, thus permitting the students to join higher levels at ease and complete willingness. Regular workshop schedules are announced at least two months before commencement. This book ‘AHAM YAJI MEDHA YOGI&lrquo;, helps the aspirant to have a glimpse of the ideology and methodology adopted in TYGA–GRILA workshop you need to join the TYGA–GRILA club.Join the ‘TYGA-GRILA CLUB’ (TGC) as a member by paying a nominal annual subscription.

Fee of Rs. 100/– by cash / D.D / Pay order / Cheque towards ‘THEOSOPHIA SHYAMANTHAKA MISSION’ payable at Hyderabad (AP).

Send your mail and willingness to register for the TYGA–GRILA workshop even by

attesting all your details, with complete postal address, landline and mobile phone numbers. Regular / NEWSLETTER from the ‘TYGA–GRILA CLUB’ (quarterly) would reach the registered members which would contain the schedules, venues and dates of the workshops. As and when organizers would be fixed for different places, members would be intimated. The fee structure and workshop modules would be informed and you need to confirm your seat for the workshop in advance.

Note: TYGA–GRILA CLUB is an affiliated organisation to THEOSOPHIA SHYAMANTHAKA MISSION with Hyderabad and Bangalore offices.

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