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Interviewed by Hemamalini Raghunathan Executive editor express STAR TELLER as published in April 2001 Issue.

"Ask for good health and energy andthese will outpour unto you" so declares Mr. V.S.P. Tenneti confidently, who propagates the age old vedic and yogic secret of Sun workshop, Sun is the Omnipotent power house of the universe. By channelising the all powerful solar energies, one can achieve the desired results. In Tretayuga, maharishi Agasthya imparted the sacred Adithya Hrudayam to Lord Sri rama to win over his enemies. Various forms of Sun worship have been handed over by maharishis through generations. Blessed by Sri Aditya poorna Nanda Swamii, Mr. Tenneti propagates the healing power of the ultra-K mega waves emanating fron Sun. He propagates Arka Vidya, otherwise called the supreme solar energy, for bringing in the healthy transformation in mankind. He is also an astro-numero palmist, Vaasthu specialist, Apollo Vaasthu healer, Reiki Grandmaster, magnified healing maha Shyamanthaka master teacher, journalist, editor etc. Here, the multi-faceted personality Mr. Tenneti converses with EXPRESS STAR TELLER (EST) about the all powerful Arka Vidya. Explore and attain relief from mental, physical, psychological, financial disorders, pains and problems.

Is Arka Vidya like Reiki, Omni and other healing techniques?
Reiki not a proper noun. It is a common noun. Universal energy is the ultimate form of any healing, whether it is prana, shakti, Ki, Chi or any energy. It all depends upon the power of drawing the cosmic energies. Arka Vidya is something different from of therapies because it is more related to the spiritual practices.

What is Arka Vidya and Shyamanthaka Vidya?
Arka Vidya is basic level of Shyamanthaka Vidya which would dissolve into Keshara Dasha, the highest state of this esoteric learning. Vidya is education or the knowledge. It is a modernized form of the ancient Suryopasana Sadhanas as imparted in Gurukulas and rishipeetams. Infact this is the same good old Amrut in a brand Kalash. Shaiva, Vaishnava, Shaaktheya, Kaumaara, Gaanapathya and saura are the maor six forms of workship. This is an age old vedic and yogic secret for the invocation of the Sun God in order to achieve desired purposes and enlightenment, one of the various forms of Suryopaasana.

What are all these levels ans dashas you are talking about?
All mantra, tantra sadhanas are imparted by the guru. The disciple has to surrender himself to the guru. After the service to guru, followed by testing and practice, the disciple is initiated in to the actual vidya. It is not an easy task to train everybody into all powerful yogic, mantric and tantric sadhanas.
Perfect schemes and strategies are laid in order to inject the most powerful satvik Bhakti (benign devotion) into the student step by step. The entire subject is graded in to seven levels arka Vidya two levels, mahashyamanthaka and Vajrakeelana two levels and the ultimate Kesharadasha. Shyamanthaka Vidya is the intermediate stage between Arka Vidya and Keshara Dasha. ‘keshara‘ state means "moving with the divine" or "Walking with the God" Arka Vidya is thus an ancient technique for channelising the all powerful sun energies through the dry and wet forms of initiations (Sougandhika Swaasa Sparsha vidhan) known as traditional initiations.

What is the origin to these Vidyas? Are these from the Vedas?
Of course, yes, Vedas are the oldest known human documents and the very meaning of ‘veda is divine knowledge and wisdomk.’ Surrender to the Omenipotent, understanding of righteousness, self knowledge and universal love are the basic aims and objectives of the Vedas. All the magic keys to success and prosperity are hiodden between the Sanskrit verses in many of the Upnishads Sookthas and vedic rituals. Thaithareeya Aaranyaka of the Yajur Veda. Chandyoga Upnishad Brihadaaranyaka Upnishad, Mandala BrahmopanishadArunopanishad madhuvidya, Savithriuponishshad, Agni purana and Eashavaasyopanishad are some of the original texts which reveal the various forms of Sunworship, the values and virtues in them, the grandeur of the gratest Gayatri Mantra and the inter-realeted rituals.

Where and when did you first hear of these vidyas?
I am afraid that I myself cannot answer this question with clarity. I am really surprised why I was selected by different masters at different stages on different occasions and cultured in to these wonderful aspects of the Vedas. Though I hail from a traditional Telugu Brahmin family of spiritual, occult and literary origins, I was completely against all these. I am basically a central school student with love for journalism. It was in the year 1979 that I was initiated by my Gurudev in to Vaagdevi mantra and Chitraambika mantras. I had been surprisingly attracted to Lord Ayyappa and it changed my life. Regular Gayatri and Sadhya Vandanams, continuous 18 years of devotion to Lord Ayyappa, periyapadam yatra and the regular jyothi darshans have put me in to research oriented thirst for the spiritual and the occult. I was taught amazing rituals by different Gurus to practice. My vast reading also has helped me ascertain many of the facts and experiences I think it was in the year 1982 at Madurai that I was informed about Maarthanda Bhyraveeyam, also known as Ravibhed, which is now called Arka Vidya.

How did you get interest in this?
From my early childhood my intuitional forecasts were highly appreciated. I was not sure whether I possessed some supernatural powers or not. Highly qualified, sophisticated and aged people used to flock around me with queries about their problems. I predicted and those came true. Even my parents who were highly educated gradually started believing my foresight, but I was not satisfied. I suppressed the image of Godman growing out of me and started writing poetry in Telugu. A few short stories and novels got published. But I was not at all happy. I stopped writing. Though I was fulfilling a few obligations at times. I was experimenting myself upon the several sadhanas, mantra–tantra and yogic practice. I was frequently receiving spine–chilling messages in my meditations and I was continuosly informed about mysterious aspects. I don’t like to reveal the wonderful things which pour into me from different dimensions. I have yet to travel a very long way to confirm and assure myself.

Do you think that you have attained supernatural powers?
I have been practicing Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry and Vastu for the past twenty one years and I have an excellent following. I might have nearly completed thirty thousand consultations. I make it a point to tell each and every client that I am not a Godman or a Baba and I can not change his fate. My forecasts are only route–maps. All I can do is to give a cable connection to a person if he had a television in his fate.

Please enlighten us more on the worship of Sun?
Jambhu Dweepa, at the most prominent among the seven regions of the creation, holds the MOUNT MERU, in it’s centre. On the ultimate upper point is the splendid kingdom of Brahma. Much above the Brahmarajya preserved by Lord Krishna is the Mahashyamantaka of the Ravi Mandap which receives the rays of the Sun and showers the Megas vibrated Light Energy, the Ultra-–K mega beam which has the power to pentrate into the seven underworld regions Atala, Vitala, Sutala, talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala and Patala. The invocation of the Sun for achieving the desired purposes and for the Enlightment are the various forms of Suryopasana (Sun Worship).

Why is Arka Vidya being called an Ultra–K Mega Beam healing power? Does the healing really take place?
This is the whole reason why the healing is not stressed upon. A doubt which shoots up the brain can devilishly encounter the healin process. The natural healing is obstructed severely and the solar eclipse happens. Hence the healing is delayed and at time disconnected. The Ultra–K Mega Beam belongs to Suryanarayana, who is visualized as Omnipotent power traveling in a golden chariot drawn by seven horses are the symbolic references to the All powerful Mega Beam, splitting white into rainbow colours

  • Violet for the Crown Chakra
  • Indigo for the third Eye Chakras
  • Blue for the Throat Chakra
  • Green for the Heart Chakra
  • Yellow for the Navel Chakra
  • Orange for the Sex Chakra
  • Red for the Root Chakra

The spectrum of mega energy was well kmown to the ancient rishis and was channelised during the prehistoric times also. There is only one word yes and is stands bold, the healing really takes place. The energy is drawn from the Arka orbit, through the Maha techniques. Shyamanthaka energy source, by the all powerful mantra and mudra(hand signal) initiations. Ultra–K is the ultimate and K is also represented by Keshara which means the divine one, who walks with the God.

Can Arka Vidya be practiced, while the person is undergoing some treatment?
Arka Vidya teaches a student the power of enhancing the existing healing powers of the cosmic energies. But, at the same time, it does not encourage total dependence upon it. Alternative therapies are constantly experimented and the scientific authenticity for a legal stand is not at all encouraged. Arka Vidya does not advice any patient to discontinue the regular medial treatment. It is not against any kind of medical, scientific or other alternative systems. Arka Vidya is a highly secret spiritual powerful modernized ancient mantra, tantra, mudra, sadhana power. Recovery from sickness depends upon the intensity and depth of the Sadhana of each individual.

In what ways is Arka Vidya useful to mankind, especially in reducing poverty, improving prosperity etc.?
Lord is Surya takes care of health, particularly the skin and gives courage, radiance, strength, fame, happiness, brilliance, harmony and knowledge, Arka Vidya aims at financial growth, self esteem, good health and dynamic approach towards life and it’s materialistic prosperity. Almost every Arka student reports surprising transformation, improvement in health, career growth and abundance. Though the first step is materialistic prosperity, the student finds himself associated with higher forms of spiritual trends and gradually gains inner vision, intutional capabilities, healing powers and cosmic consciousness. Empathyu and unconditional love automatically prevail in him.

Kindly tell us about what is taught in your workshop? how is the fee structure?
Thirty different topics in Arka Vidya are taught and explained in English, Hindi or Telugu. English is the basic course language adopted. It is a non–stop sixteen hours of crash course, split into two, three or four days workshop depending upon the power of inititation. Huge numbers connot be initiated at a time. A secret procedure of dry and wet initiation technique is strictly followed and the students experience miraculous pulsation and the Surya beam with the seven colours penetrates in to the crown chakras. We also teach two most powerful mantras and three supreme diagrammatic mudras Raksha, Mahabindu and the Narthana. The Bindu Centres and the Chakras Zones are humbly vibrated through the cool, gentle and the elementary touch of initiation. The fee charged is certainly not high and it is a life–time investment to learn various valuable techniques of simplified practices with the right understanding.

News & Events
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