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Highlights fo Tyga–Grila

This is ME, so I reveal. I am YAJI, the supreme form of worship, as the yogic embodiment of inner vision and intellect. I penetrate to bring riches abundance and fulfill all your wishes on the path of "AGNI UPASANA" as I am Mithra, Varuna and Adithya in the manifesting form.

Pranashakti is the vital energy that flows all around. A healer has to become a channel of the supreme in order to allow the Pranashakti to respond to his request. This is an art of expertise that one attains through dedicated practice. The fifth method of "ABHYASA PRANAYAMA" helps a person to activate the SANKALPA DRISHTI, one of the easiest procedures to axis HEPTAVISION. Sankalpa Drishti can magnify the power of healing emotional blockages.

Kneel down and hold your left fist tight with the thumb stretched out. Fist touching the right side of the chest, the outstretched thumb gently pressing the lower throat region, nearer to the thymus chakra and hold the right palm covering upon the right ear. Now inhale deeply as you puff in and puff out your nostrils faster and hold the breath for few seconds. Draw your attention towards the third eye region with eyeballs rolled into the upper eyelid. Breath out slowly as you empty yourself. Repeat this whole procedure of pranayama in a systematic and serene way for about eleven times or even more.

This is a very powerful SWASA ABHYASA, the secret fifth method of breathing to attain deep concentration and will power. Practicing this technique for half an hour every day visualizing a light at the third eye region, quite undisturbed, can build up clairvoint vision to the sadhak. This helps in cleansing the bowels and the excretory system if practiced an hour after lunch or dinner. The fifth SWAASA ABHYAASA can clear away irritating moods and frustrations. Anger can gradually subside as tolerence level builds up simultaneusly.

PANCHAMA BHANGIMA (the fifth posture)
Slowly stand up breathing normally without changing the positions of the hands or the breath pattern and now open your eyes wide as you slowly begin to rotate your waist in a clock wise direction eleven times. Now stand straight with feet apart. Quickly shift both hands and convert them into fists, both fists together and both thumbs outstretched touching the tip of the nose. Relax your face and close your eyes. This accomplishes the PANCHAMA BHANGIMA, which qualifies you to perform the Nivarana Mudra.


Clasp both hands with all fingers totally inside and hold them tight. This is the fifth of all powerful healing mudra, which allows you to chant the NIRDESHAKA BEEJA MANTRA.

The extremely charged, energized, magnified, and multi–potent HAMSIKA MANTRA of the NIRDESHAKA BEEJA Mantras is revealed here under. Before chanting the mantra withdraw the initiation power from the KESHARA GAJATALATA ANANTHA SHAKTI (the store house of thousands of sanctified and assorted divine maha mantras) by simply chanting the SWEEKAARA MANTRA.
Sweekaara Mantra: Keshara Gaja Talata Anantha Shakti Anugraham Dehi Dehi Tripuravarananda Guru Sharanam.

Aum Hreem Danda Kundikae Kusala Nethrikae Chanda Prachanda Kara Moola Hamsikae Sankalpa Drishti Vardhaya Vardhaya Vighna Hanthrikae Sakalam Vasham Sarvam Jayam Kaalapaalikae (chant the above mantra thrice and quickly release the prachanda panchama nivarana mudra).

Close your eyes and open them with a cool mind and a feeling of the inner consciousness by watching the silence inaugurated inside you. Your eyes emit energetic powerbeams to transmit your healing energies to the intended subject. This is the SANKALPA DRISHTI attained. It flows for about three minutes radiantly beyond doubt.

CHIKITSA ( The Actual Healing)
As you have accomplished Swasa Abhyasa, Panchama Bhangima, Nivarana mudra, Nirdeshaka mantra and released the Sankalpa Drishti, you are now enveloped with astounding healing energies. Puff your right palm and project it as if you are blessing, as you place your right palm covering your left ear. The Healing energy travels with lightening speed beyond all planes and dimensions within no time.

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